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5 Benefits of Learning Eyelash Extensions at Lash Academy by DashBar

You have the power to learn new skills and earn more income. As the Co-Founder of DashBar, I’ve witnessed firsthand how women in Miami are prioritizing their self-care. The Beauty industry is in demand in Miami, and talented beauty technicians are needed! 

If you’ve wanted to start your own lash business, learn another service as a beauty expert, or wish to work as a lash technician, it’s time for you to join our Lash Academy by DashBar. We go beyond teaching you just about lashes; we help prepare you for the Beauty industry!  

Here are five benefits of learning eyelash extensions from our professionals at DashBar. 

Extra time, extra skills 

At DashBar we believe in growth. Our Lash Academy takes place over two days. Sure, we could cram the classes into one intense day, but we don’t believe that’s a good use of your time. Instead, we’re investing extra time with you so you can learn the skills you need to become a Lash Technician, and have time to learn more skills too. We’ll introduce you to other beauty disciplines, business fundamentals and more.   

The DashBar Lash Academy is a two-day program, 5 hours each day, dedicated to building a strong foundation in lash skills for our students. We host our students in our very own Beauty Salon and provide complimentary lunch and beverages throughout the day.  

Our Lash Academy takes place over two days.

Get introduced to other disciplines 

The focus of Lash Academy is learning the discipline of lash beauty, of course. Our team will dive deep into this discipline, and also give you some time to learn about other beauty techniques. I believe in building a well-rounded team. Women are incredible multi-taskers, and the more tools you have, the more value you possess. Increase your earning power and empower yourself with a variety of skills. 

Meet and network with other beauty professionals 

The beauty industry is poised for incredible growth. Investing in yourself is more important than ever and surrounding yourself with like-minded boss babes will take you further. I’m proud and honored to have built a community around my belief in empowering women and my beauty business. I am making time to be part of the Lash Academy meeting and speaking to each one of our students. I look forward to helping you grow and build your network. 

Learning to service gorgeous lashes

Build your business fundamentals 

As fun as being in the beauty industry is, there are things we all have to take care of to keep our business going. Things like inventory management and bookkeeping may not seem all that fun, but when you have a handle on the business fundamentals, you’ll give yourself more power.  

At DashBar Lash Academy, you will not only learn lash technician skills from our skilled professionals; our team will also assist you with understanding the skills you’ll need to build a business touching on key concepts to keep your clientele going.  

Become a part of the DashBar Team 

DashBar is an industry leader as a result of our commitment to an innovative beauty salon, inspirational leadership programs, collaboration within our community, and pathways for career growth with our recruits. During your time at our Lash Academy, you will gain exposure to our company’s culture and values while our leadership team has a chance to get to know you. We offer the opportunity to join our DashBar Beauty Team of Professionals and look forward to recruiting some of you to our team as we grow in the Beauty Industry!  

I believe in our community. I believe in empowering the women on our team as well as the incredible Boss Babes of Miami and beyond. Join us for our Lash Academy to grow your skills, enhance your network, and give yourself a beautiful future. 

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