The Future is Beautiful


At DashBar you can choose either a blowout, lash extension, or facial to be performed alongside a manicure and pedicure for a faster and more efficient way to keep up with your beauty routine. 

What easily makes the DashBar dream possible is our patent-pending salon-spa chair — PollyDash™. PollyDash allows our team to perform multiple beauty services all at once. 

We set out on a crusade to revolutionize the beauty service industry. DashBar™ is the collective beauty bar experience that is better, faster, and easier for women to look and feel their best while saving time.

Sit and relax as we work our salon-spa magic and get you back to your day in under an hour and all in one chair. Imagine stepping into a beautiful space where you indulge in your beauty bliss while saving time. It’s a woman’s dream come true!