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Apres Nails — What Makes Them Better Than Acrylic?

Every DashBabe knows that manicured nails make you feel more confident, look chic, and bring a bit of class to every outfit, day or night. You also understand that when you get a manicure, you want nails that feel good, look good, and last longer than just a few days, which is why DashBar Brickell is thrilled to officially be offering Aprés nails.

If you’re an acrylic-loving woman, then it’s time to think about switching to Aprés nails, and we’re here to tell you why.

Wait, what are Aprés nails?

Aprés nails are the world’s first and only soft gel nail extension system. Basically, Aprés nails are a professional quality press-on-type nail made entirely out of gel and conveniently soak-off similar to gel polish.

They are significantly thinner and much more natural-looking and feeling than traditional acrylic nails. Did we mention that when you get Apres nails done by a licensed professional, they can last up to 4 weeks!

What Makes Apres nails Better Than Acrylic?

Unlike acrylic nails, which is an extension that is only added to the tip of your nail, Aprés covers your entire nail bed, which in some instances can help your natural nail growth. Plus, there is no drill filing with Apres nails, which means there is no dust and no damage to your natural nails.

People are raving about Aprés nails because they feel better and much more natural on their nails than acrylics do. They are also easily customizable based on the size and shape of your fingernail. So whether you want a trendy coffin shape, a clean shorter nail, or any length in between, Aprés nail will work for you.

Apres at DashBar

Like any other service at DashBar, we are raising the bar and giving you a truly luxurious salon-spa mani experience.

We chose Aprés nails because they are better for everyone involved, including our DashSquad and our amazing DashBabes. There is little to no dust or drilling, which means you can breathe easier while enjoying your manicure and any other DashBar beauty services done simultaneously.

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Beautiful nails make all the difference, and you and deserve the best. Between typing on your laptop, texting your best friends, and everything else in between, you need to have a manicure meant for a modern woman.

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