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Can Hair Extensions Protect Damaged Hair?

If you don’t naturally have long, flowing, enviable red-carpets locks, DashBar can help change that. You can now wake up with the voluminous, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted using hair extensions.

If you’re new to hair extensions and you’re unsure whether they are for you or simply want to learn more, you’re in the right place. We’re going to get to the bottom of the common misconception about whether or not hair extensions can damage your hair.

Why does everyone love hair extensions?

First, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular because they instantly make anyone’s hair more beautiful and glamorous by giving you added length and volume. Most red-carpet and supermodel looks are created using hair extensions, but you don’t have to be a supermodel to get your best hair yet.

You’re a modern babe, and you can have it all, including the hair of your dreams with extensions.

Do Hair extensions damage your natural hair?

No! This is a common myth that has been around for years. While it may have some amount of truth when it comes to older types of hair extensions that are applied using heat tools and chemicals, or DIY extensions, this is definitely not true when it comes to most newer extensions, including the ones we use at DashBar.

At DashBar, we always put the wellness of our DashBabes first, which is why we believe that your hair extensions should always be applied by a trained professional who can tell you how to maintain them.

Can I get extensions if my hair is damaged?

Yes! People who have damaged or thinning hair can especially benefit from professional hair extensions. The extensions may actually help protect your damaged hair and can give you a boost of beauty confidence.

Can I work out and go swimming with extensions?

Absolutely, Yes! We are a proud partner of Glam Seamless, a premium quality hair extension brand that provides the best high-quality100% Remy human hair.

Everything at DashBar is curated with the modern woman in mind. You can go on vacation, swim, workout, and get blowouts without ruining your seamless extensions.

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