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Carla’s Journal — DashBar’s Build Out is Almost Complete!

DashBabes, I’m thrilled to be sharing with you a sneak peek into the construction of DashBar!   

Like with all things associated with a new salon, finalizing all the little details of DashBar’s buildout design has captivated my imagination. I’ve been scouring between what seems like endless sample books to choose DashBar’s finishing touches for flooring, curtains, lighting, cabinetry, furniture… really everything! It was much tougher than I anticipated to narrow down my favorites, but in the end, I know picked a winning design.  

It seems like every story about a build-out involves some unexpected delay. So, mine naturally is a world-stopping event, called COVID-19. While we took a pause, our world seemed to change in a matter of days. I quickly realized that we were handed the most precious gift of all, time! During this pause, we had to take a serious look at how our design was impacted by the pandemic. This became a real opportunity for DashBar to implement changes to be the first post-COVID-19 salon-spa designed to incorporate social distancing and the best sanitary & hygiene standards.   

I watch in amazement as my once empty space evolves into my vision. I remember walking in, and it was just a blank slab of concrete with windows, then appeared a metal skeleton for drywall, and before I knew it, the walls appeared.  Now I can visualize where our DashBabes will be greeted, where they will sit, relax, and enjoy their beauty treatments in the PollyDash Chair.    

Speaking of PollyDash…  

We recently released an article about PollyDash which you can read the full article by clicking here. But to quickly summarize the article, PollyDash will allow you to get multiple beauty services done all at the same time, all in one chair. No need to visit multiple salon-spas! You won’t have to lift a finger, and you won’t have time to check your phone because you will be done in 60 min or less. Our PollyDash is the key to DashBar’s magic.    

I know big changes are still yet to come for DashBar, but I couldn’t contain my excitement! The salon is truly coming together! Special thanks to Marcelo and the entire construction team who are working so hard to complete the build-out of our very first location in Brickell.