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Carla’s Journal — My Feminine, Fun, Sophisticated, & SAFE Salon!

Over the last few months I feel like I have witnessed magic. All the details are finally coming together! From the beautiful chandeliers to the fun and feminine wallpaper. The DashBar has come to life and I am absolutely in love with the results! The entrance is sexy and bold just like our DashBabes who we can’t wait to pamper! Next you enter the great room and become completely enamored with the modern chandeliers and whimsical partitions which make the space one of a kind. The wallpaper…. oh the wallpaper! It’s feminine and fun yet classy and sophisticated! I know it’s hard to imagine but just think of laser lights, gold trimming and pineapples… golden pineapples. Of course, once you personally see our PollyDash salon-spa chair you will understand why we believe it’s a game changer for the beauty salon industry.  We’re very proud of the unique and exceptional design and we can’t wait to welcome you and give you a tour!

Not only have we created a beautiful space but most importantly a SAFE one! The attention to every detail by our entire team is what DashBar is all about and our commitment to a clean and safe salon is no exception. We truly believe DashBar is the cleanest and safest salon anywhere. I don’t believe this because it’s my business, I believe this because we are doing EVERYTHING possible to put safety above all! For starters, all our reusable tools will go through a three-step sanitation process. First, tools are placed in an antibacterial disinfecting and cleaning solution, then they are placed in a dry heat sterilizer, and finally a UV-C light sterilizer cabinet which achieves complete sterilization from microorganisms and harmful pathogens. This is the same process that hospitals use for sterilization. We have also added a state-of-the-art UV-C light system that disinfects the air as it circulates in our central air conditioning system in addition to the installation of award-winning HEPA air purifiers at every station which purifies the air every twelve minutes. We didn’t stop there! Each night we suit up and deep clean the entire salon with the latest technology to combat airborne pathogens. The hospital-grade disinfectant solution is applied through an electrostatic sprayer that covers every nook and cranny of the  DashBar to eliminate all viruses and bacteria. This is the same system used by airlines and hospitals! Check out our health and safety page to learn every detail that we have thought of to ensure your safety.

I’m looking forward to the coming weeks as we finalize all the beautiful details and prepare for our launch. We will be hosting a virtual grand opening on October 15th at 7pm via Facebook live. Click here to register for our event, and if you can’t make it to our virtual launch, don’t worry, you can already book your appointment here and be one of the first to be pampered by our DashSquad.

We look forward to seeing you soon!