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Changing Our Habits for Flu Season — Salon-Spa Edition

Even though no one looks forward to flu season, this season we are more prepared than ever to keep our DashBabes safe and healthy.

To make sure we’re all only spreading love and not germs, we’re sharing our favorite habits to follow this flu season.

1.     Keep wearing your mask.

We all made face masks an essential fashion accessory this year, and they are not about to go out of style. The great thing about a mask is that it can reduce the spread of the flu as well. So, continue wearing that mask babe! 

Ps: Check out our skincare tips to Protect Your Skin While Wearing a Face Mask.

2. Wash your hands often.

It’s for best if you continue to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Whenever you wash your hands, make sure to wash them for approximately 20 seconds to remove the most germs.

An easy way to get to 20 seconds is by singing ‘Row, row, row your boat’ or the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice.

3. Carry hand sanitizer.

There are times when you don’t have access to soap and water. No problem. Keep hand sanitizer in your purse so that you can stay germ-free wherever you go.

Make sure your hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based formula that contains at least 60% alcohol for the best protection.

4. If you are sick, cancel your appointment. 

One of the best ways to protect yourself and others from the flu is to stay home when you are sick.

Some salon-spas will charge you the entire appointment cost if you cancel less than 24 hours beforehand, so we recommend checking the cancellation policy in advance.

5. The DashBar difference.  

We believe that a clean and sanitary salon-spa is fundamental to maintaining and safe and welcoming facility.  A few habits we are following to prevent the spread of germs include:

•       Soap and hand sanitizer are provided throughout the facility via touchless dispensers.

•       PollyDash™ chairs are cleaned and sanitized between each client.

•       Towels, aprons, and reusable masks are washed on a sanitation cycle.

•       Reusable tools go through a three-step sanitation process.

•       Each night DashBar is deep cleaned with electrostatic sprayers using hospital-grade disinfectants.

If you would like to check out our extensive list of safety protocols we are implementing please click here.

At DashBar, we hope that you stay healthy during this flu season and look forward to seeing you soon! Now accepting bookings!