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Eyelash Extensions Can Make Your Halloween Outfit Pop

Who doesn’t love a fantastic Halloween party? At DashBar, one of our favorite parts of Halloween is trying fun new looks with make-up and eyelash extensions.

Whether you want to add drama or natural-looking volume to your eyelashes, eyelash extensions are an absolute must in our book.

Make Your Outfit Pop

Lash extensions are an easy way to add glamour and drama to your Halloween outfit no matter what you are dressing up as.

Lashes will take any make-up look to the next level by adding volume, length, and shape to your eyes. Plus, lash extensions will help you truly feel the part and take on your Halloween persona.

The Perfect Look for You

One of our favorite things about lashes is that they are customizable. Regardless of if you decide to go big and bold or want a natural lash appearance to keep people guessing, extensions will have an impact.

Natural-looking to Brighten and Add Volume

Depending on what you are dressing up as this year, or if you are new to lashes, you may want to start with something softer that enhances your natural beauty.

You can brighten your eyes with natural-looking length and volume using shorter lash extensions. We love adding these lashes to the outside corner of the eyes. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a few lashes can make.

Full Lash Drama

If you are ready for a full Beyoncé glam up, now is the time to go for a full set of long lash extensions.

These eyelash extensions will instantly add drama to your eyes, by adding both volume and length to create a glamorous and bold look.

Look and Feel Great long after the Party

In Brickell, We love getting lashes extensions done because they are a semi-permanent way to get full and beautiful lashes without having to apply any mascara. They are not only perfect for events like Halloween but also for your everyday busy life.

Our DashSquad lash artists will work with you to create a lash look that enhances your natural beauty while adding the perfect amount of pop for Halloween this year.

Whether you are going as Wonder Woman or your own superhero self, your eyelash extensions will last long after the party is over.