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Five Questions to Ask Before You Book at a Salon-Spa

As a DashBabe, you deserve to get the most out of your beauty services in a feel-good atmosphere no matter where you are! By asking the right questions you can choose the best beauty salon for your needs, so we’re covering the top 5 questions to ask before booking your appointment.

1. What types of services can you book together?

If you are planning to book multiple beauty services, you should ask which ones can be done together or back-to-back.

Unlike traditional salon-spas, at DashBar we offer an innovative approach. Our beauty services are done simultaneously so that you can be in and out in half the time!

2. How early do you need to arrive for your appointment?

Most salon-spas require that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. This time allows you to check-in, get settled, and start to relax.

For your first appointment, you may be asked to arrive even earlier if there is any paperwork to fill out. Be sure always to ask so you have enough time to unwind before your services.

While this is a general rule of thumb, due to the ongoing pandemic, you should call and consult your salon-spa and ask about their check-in process.

3. Does the appointment include a consultation?

Every appointment should include a consultation, even if it’s not your first visit. You want the team to understand your needs before they get started.

A consultation is especially important when it comes to facials because underlying skin conditions may impact the type of products used on your skin.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

Some salon-spas will charge you the entire appointment cost if you cancel less than 24 hours beforehand.

In case you need to change your appointment for any reason, you should know how strict the cancellation policy is in advance.

5. What type of hygienic precautions do they follow?

Any salon-spa should have well-documented cleaning procedures, and these will include some of the following (depending on services offered):

–    Tools are cleaned and disinfected or disposed of between guests

–    Foot and hand spas are cleaned and disinfected

–    Laundered sheets and towels are replaced for after guests

–    Chairs are cleaned and disinfected between guests

Also, after you arrive if you have a question about cleanliness or the hygienic practices followed, don’t hesitate to ask. The staff should be happy to answer your question.

Do you have questions about DashBar? We have answers.

…And we can’t wait to hear from you! We are happy to answer any questions you have about DashBar when you schedule your next appointment.

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