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Hairstyles for a Flawless Look at the Music Festival

Music festival season is upon us, and the hottest trends are in. Every year, some of the coolest, craziest, and most fun hair styles come out during festival season. With long weekends of sweating, singing, and dancing, it’s essential to have both a fabulous outfit and functional hair styles to last you all day long. DashBar is here to help you look your best with our professional stylists and the most popular styles for spring/summer 2020! 

We at DashBar suggest a blowout for your initial festival look. Gentle waves and glossy hair is ideal to start the weekend off and a blowout is easy to manipulate into other styles for day two (or three) hair. Day one could be a blowout with little braids on either side, framing your face and keeping those baby hairs out of your eyes. It’s easy to throw up into a pony-tail if necessary, but the braids add a little 90s throwback to an otherwise timeless sleek pony. Having your hair blown-out beforehand also ensures it will have some volume and texture to it, which is perfect for the braided tendril look. 

For day two, you’re definitely going to want to add a little dry shampoo and texturizing spray to your hair. This will soak up any grease or sweat your hair accumulated from the day before and help keep your blowout intact. Keep things simple and let those braids loose for a beach babe wavy hair look. Adding a little accessory, like a barrette or a silky headband adds a little flare to your beach waves. On days three and four, placing your hair in a Yes Queen High Bun or in Two High Space Buns can last you through the rest of your festival experience. It’s a style that puts the least amount of strain on your hair and in addition to looking cute, it keeps your hair back and out of your face so you can see your favorite artist on stage while you’re jamming out. There are so many variants to this style, it can truly be done with almost any accessory. 

Festival season is a time for fun, friends, and fashion. Sign up for our newsletter today to be sure you’re on the cutting edge this year with some of the newest, hottest styles in 2020.