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How to Choose a Clean & Sanitary Salon-Spa

When you visit DashBar, you are looking forward to experiencing Fast. Casual. Beauty.™ with beauty services that leave you looking and feeling your best, not worrying about the cleanliness of our salon-spa.  

To ensure you always enjoy your experience, no matter where you are, we are going to tell you how to spot a hygienic salon-spa. 

1. Does it look clean? 

A salon-spa should actually look clean. You wouldn’t want to eat from a kitchen that wasn’t spotless, why would you get a treatment from a spa that isn’t?  

A clean appearance is generally a sign of good hygienic practices because high traffic surfaces such as counters, iPads, payment systems, etc. should be cleaned regularly to stop the spread of bacteria. 

2. Do the team members look professional?  

Everyone who works at the salon-spa should have a neat and orderly appearance, regardless of whether they are performing a treatment.  

A spot of product may have splashed on someone’s shirt that day, but in general, they should look as clean as the salon-spa. A professional appearance shows dedication to the hygienic standards of the salon. 

3. Are cleanings done between each client?  

Watch to see if the team members are properly cleaning between each client. This process should include some of the following depending on services offered:  

  • Foot and hand spas are cleaned and disinfected  
  • Fresh towels are always used 
  • Chairs are cleaned and disinfected 
  • Tools are cleaned and disinfected 

4. Do they sanitize their reusable salon-spa tools?  

Reusable instruments used during a facial, mani-pedi, or lash session should be cleaned using a sanitation process that kills viruses and bacteria. These tools should be opened in front of you in a pouch that has been sealed. 

5. Are any clients visibly sick?  

While a sneeze may just be seasonal allergies, a client that is visibly sick is a risk to both the clientele and the staff. A hygienic salon-spa will have policies in place that request clients call and reschedule instead of coming in. 

6. When in doubt, ask! 

You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have a question about cleanliness practices, the team should be happy to answer. If they are not, we recommend using another salon-spa.  

At DashBar, we are continuing to raise the bar and are committed to the highest hygienic standards of cleaning and sanitizing so you can unwind in beauty bliss during every visit. For a list of our hygienic salon-spa practices please click here.