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Is a Facialist an Esthetician?

Getting a facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin and boost your wellness. But if you’ve never had one, you may find yourself asking questions like, “Is a facialist an esthetician, and who should I choose?” or “What type of facial is right for me?”

If this you, no problem! We’ve got all the answers so you can schedule your facial with confidence.

Is a Facialist an Esthetician?

In short, yes. Sometimes you might hear people call an esthetician, a facialist, a facial specialist, or a skin care specialist. In Florida, anyone licensed to do facials is certified as a facial specialist. The question, ‘is a facialist an esthetician’ arose from the fact that people use different titles.  

Regardless, the most important thing to remember is to only book a facial from someone who is licensed and working in a licensed salon, like our team at DashBar Brickell.

How Can a Facial Boost Your Wellness?

1. Reduces Your Stress

A good facial is an excellent way to destress and relax while caring for your skin. No matter what type of facial you choose, you should leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

2. Preventative

When you get facials consistently, 3-4 times a year, they help prevent blemishes, support anti-aging, and even help control other skin flares, including acne, dry skin, and rosacea.

3. Detoxify Your Skin

Your skin works hard every day protecting you from environmental toxins. When you get a facial, you detoxify, nourish, and replenish it.

4. Your Skin Glows

The best facials are designed to support your skin and help you feel beautiful from the inside-out. That’s why at DashBar, we created all of our facials with you in mind. The next time you visit us, try one of these facials:

Dash & Go Facial

This is the ideal treatment for anyone looking to exfoliate and eliminate residue without irritation. You’ll leave with purified and radiant skin. 

Sunny Days Brightening Facial

This incredible treatment stimulates collagen while providing powerful brightening benefits. It’s also super-hydrating and will smooth and plump your skin. 

Wanderlust Facial

If you want to firm and tone your skin while also fighting the signs of aging, this is for you. The Wanderlust facial repairs damage caused by free radicals and replenishes antioxidants to detoxify, nourish, to let your radiance shine through.

Your Glowing Skin is Waiting

Now is the time to treat yourself to your best skin yet. Call or book online your facial at DashBar Brickell now.

We can’t wait to help you glow.

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