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New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s Rewards

New year, new you! With the new year fast approaching, New Year’s resolutions are quickly forming. It’s both exciting and vital to create life milestones that provide a boost in confidence or aim to improve our sense of self. So as you sit down to draft your big new year goals, create slow and steady steps that also provide a reward system. A well-deserved New Year’s resolution reward, such as a pampering session or a rejuvenating beauty routine, are perfect motivators to stay on mission. Here are five soothing beauty habits to help drive your New Year’s resolutions to success!  

1. Get Glowing Skin While You Sleep 

After long busy days, it’s nice to unwind with a relaxing nightly routine. As you primp and prepare for the next day, include a new luxurious sleep mask that adds value even while you sleep. The lightweight texture, all-natural ingredients, and the delicious smell of Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask are sure to lull you to sleep with promises of radiant skin tomorrow. 

2. Give Your Mind A Break 

New Year’s resolutions depend upon creative thinking to accomplish day-to-day goals.  A great break from your mental hustle and bustle can be attained through a scalp massage. Tropic’s Scalp Massage boasts “silicone tips to stimulate follicles on the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.” This scalp massager works on dry hair as well, so an invigorating massage is always available. 

3. Brush Away the Worries 

With new makeup brushes, you can brush away the worries and create the perfect contour! Ecotools’ Start The Day Beautifully Kit carries essential application brushes and made of cruelty-free Taklon bristles, sustainable bamboo handles, and additional recycled materials. That’s an extra environmental bonus to your beauty routine! 

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward  

After paving the way to a better you, your feet will want some much deserved love. Therapeutic foot soaks are relaxing and an effective way to heal aching arches. The best foot soaks carry essential oils, mineral salts, and natural antiseptics to stimulate blood circulation, reduce swelling or soreness, and fight against bacteria.  Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company’s Salts & Herbs Organic Foot Soak does all that and more!

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5. Take Note of Your Success 

New Year’s resolutions are often a lofty goal, and it becomes far too easy to quit. However, when you take a moment to appreciate all the little achievements that got you along the way, your resolution isn’t quite as hard. You’ve done the research, made the lists, and gained the resolve to make a change—those are accomplishments all on their own! 

We send our love and light to all our DashBabes so you all may accomplish your resolution goals in the new year. One last thing, we hope that you’ll subscribe to our newsletter today to get the latest tips for new beauty resolutions and rewards to motivate your New Year’s resolutions!