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Simple Fundamentals For Your Nail Care

Our hands and nails are always on display, which means your nail care routine should always come first! Whether it’s tearing through a piece of packaging or delicately tapping across keyboards and phone screens, our hands and nails work double-time for when we need them most. At DashBar, we know the best way to keep strong, healthy, and glowing nails is through a balanced nail-care routine. 

There are a few simple rules to establish great nail care

1.  Don’t oversoak: Oversoaked nails can cause the nail plate to dry out and even deform the shape of your nails. It’s best to soak for shorter lengths of time or use moisturizing oils to soften up the nail bed. 

2. Don’t use harsh chemicals: When it comes to nail products, especially nail polish, the wide variety makes it difficult to pick the right ones. But a handy way to keep harsh carcinogens off our nails is to look for products that carry the label of “Number-Free” as in 3-Free, 5-Free, or 10-Free. This means the polish is free of the most toxic chemicals found in conventional brands.   

3. Don’t cut your cuticles or use aggressive filing: Cutting your cuticles means cutting your body’s first line of defense against bacteria. The cuticles seal your nail root, so nasty germs can’t find a way to infect you. That’s why gentle filing is a must in nail care too. Extra-strength filing removes the stronger layers of your nails and leaves them weak and brittle.

One of the most fun things about getting your nails done is SELF EXPRESSION! When treated with the right care and time, our nails make the perfect canvas to reflect your personality and style. Whether you choose intricate designs or even a simple, clear polish, it’s the ideal way to share a little bit of you in everything you touch!  

At DashBar, we work to find the best products and nail care solutions that will have your nails feeling healthy and pampered.