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The Benefits of Being Fully Hydrated for Your Beauty

We get really excited when it comes to using clean and effective beauty products, and one of our favorite clean beauty products is water!

Water might not seem like a beauty product, but being fully hydrated is actually one of our secrets to clear, glowing skin. Hydration is essential for your skin not only to function properly but look radiant.

With the temperatures rising and summer just around the corner, staying hydrated will be more critical than ever. Here are some of the reasons why our skin loves to be fully hydrated.

A clearer complexion.

One of the many incredible benefits of water is its ability to help rid your body of toxins. Staying fully hydrated enables your body to flush out excess toxins that may otherwise show up on your skin as a blemish or breakout.

Smooth out fine lines.

Hydration improves your skin elasticity, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If you are dehydrated, your skin will be dryer, tighter and less elastic, enabling fine lines and wrinkles to be more visible.

Improve skin tone and texture.

When you are dehydrated your complexion looks and feels dull and flat. It is also more prone to itching and cracking. The good news is when your skin is fully hydrated, your entire complexion will look more plump, supple, and luminous.

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Slow the aging process.

We believe that aging is a gift to celebrate, but that doesn’t mean we want to speed up the signs of it. When you are dehydrated, your body is left working harder to function correctly, which can fast-track signs of aging in your skin.

Grab your water bottle!

To ensure that you are always adequately hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, which is about 64 ounces. Drink even more to replace lost water from working out or hanging out at the beach.

At DashBar, we know that hydration is vital to looking and feeling your best, so we always serve our hydrating Beauty Elixirs.

Our Beauty Elixirs consist of plant-based, hydrating blends of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We chose ingredients we know are key to promoting healthy and glowing skin while also enhancing your overall well being.

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