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What is a Cryoskin Facial?

At DashBar Brickell, we’re expanding our service offerings to include a variety of Cryoskin services, including the Cryoskin facial. Cryoskin facials, and other related services, are becoming increasingly popular because of the fantastic results! But if you’re wondering, “What is a Cryoskin facial?” you’re not alone.

What is a Cryoskin Facial?

It’s a powerful custom facial that is non-invasive and designed to enhance your natural beauty while rejuvenating your skin. Like the rest of our services at DashBar, your Cryoskin facial will be done in under an hour and leave you looking and feeling amazing long after you leave.

How does it Work?

A Cryoskin facial uses below-freezing temperatures to widen the blood vessels in your skin. This helps increase the oxygen supply at the surface of your skin, which boosts your collagen production, improves your skin elasticity, and helps reverse the signs of aging.

What more could you ask for?

In fact, this incredible facial is sometimes called the “Non-Surgical Facelift” because it immediately helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and toning your skin. We truly love how radiant all of our DashBabes look after this treatment!

Plus, it’s safe, simple, and efficient, so we’ll get you back to your life in a Dash.

Why You’ll Love a Cryoskin Facial

One of the many reasons DashBabes are loving the Cryoskin facial is because you can see results immediately. As soon as your treatment is complete you’ll notice:

•   Glowing skin

•   Improved tone and texture

•   Visibly reduced lines and wrinkles

•   Tighter and more lifted skin

•   Improved pore appearance

Did we mention that these results last? You’ll wake up the next morning and days later still just as vibrant as when you left. What’s not to love?

Should I get a Cryoskin Facial?

If you are a DashBabe who wants to be pampered while you rejuvenate your skin, improve your skin tone, and enhance your natural beauty in under an hour, then a Cryoskin facial is for you.

Please note, Cryoskin facials are not recommended if you have had botox or fillers recently. Give us a call before scheduling if you fall in this category, and we’ll let you know the right time for your facial. 

Are you Ready for Your Cryoskin facial?

If you still have questions or can’t decide whether a Cryoskin facial is for you, we can help.

Call us now, and a member of the DashSquad will answer all of your questions so you can stop wondering, “What is a Cryoskin facial?” and start asking, “When can I schedule mine!”