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What is DashBar?

There are many salons in the Miami area as the demand for beauty continues to grow. So why would I create yet another beauty salon?  And, what makes my concept different?  

DashBar is unique as we make beauty fast, casual, and effortless. Our salon-spa in Brickell makes the most of your time. Here’s how we are different and add more value to the beauty industry.  

The Meaning Behind the Name DashBar 

I want to give women the opportunity to be their best without having to sacrifice time and quality. The name DashBar is meant to illustrate the efficiency, speed, quality, and variety of our services available to the modern-day woman.   

How much “me time” do you really get each week? Every woman I know wishes they had more time for themselves. Don’t you? The team at DashBar can make the most of your time as we offer multiple services under one salon spa and have created collective services that can be done in one sitting!  Our signature  Collective Services allows you to add a manicure and pedicure to one of our staple services: Lashes, Hair or Facial – so you can sit back, relax and indulge without sacrificing your time.   

What Makes DashBar Faster and More Efficient? 

There’s no need to worry about getting a manicure or pedicure individually on a separate day as you look to fulfill your other beauty needs. At DashBar we can add this service to your hair blowout, lash fill, or spa facial services you book.  

My team at DashBar is here to not only pamper you but offer you something we all continue to seek – time. Thanks to the PollyDash™ salon-spa chair, a patent-pending salon-spa chair clients are  able to be pampered in a comfortable and luxurious setting, all in an efficient time frame 

Be pampered, look your best, and enjoy three collective services done in just one hour.  

We Offer Better Value

In addition to efficient collective services, DashBar is dedicated to offering all your service needs in one salon-spa setting. We not only focus on our staple services of lashes, hair, facials, and nails, we also offer multiple body contouring treatments and a variety of permanent makeup services. We are here for you to maximize your time – rather than driving around the city – for all your beauty needs.  DashBar continues to grow its services as we meet the demand of women in Miami. 

The Future is Beautiful, the Future is Female 

As an entrepreneur, I put women first. The future is ours and we deserve to be at our best. While we all wish we had more time to enjoy ourselves and take care of ourselves, the reality is we boss babes are working harder than ever. My team and I are dedicated to making the most of your time while receiving professional beauty services – and collective services – in one setting.  

We are here for the modern-day women!  

Book your appointment with my team and see the DashBar difference for yourself.