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What is PollyDash? It’s the key to making our salon-spa magic happen!

Hey DashBabes, can you imagine how luxurious it would feel if you didn’t have to worry about finding time for multiple beauty treatments on your already crazy busy calendar? What if a VIP experience existed that fit both your schedule and your budget?  

Sound too good to be true? At DashBar, it isn’t, thanks to PollyDash. 

PollyDash is the chair defining the modern salon-spa era.  

PollyDash enables you to get multiple beauty services done all at the same time. You won’t have to watch the clock or lift a finger. Except for during your mani, of course.  

With our Fast. Casual. Beauty.™ approach, we are revolutionizing the way you’ll think about the salon-spa experience, and PollyDash is the key.  

Has a long day at the office ever shortened your time to get ready before a girls’ night out? We’ve got you covered. 

Stop into DashBar and indulge in an atmosphere of relaxation. Our DashSquad will take care of your mani-pedi and blowout in under an hour. All while you unwind and allow yourself to be pampered sitting in ultra-plush PollyDash. 

You finally got a babysitter for some long overdue me time. You deserve it!  

We understand that you don’t have all day. Enjoy yourself while you get multiple beauty treatments done without having to worry about rushing from one salon to the next.  

We believe that everyone should have a VIP salon-spa experience. Thanks to PollyDash, we deliver on that belief. 

The magic of PollyDash is in the thoughtfulness of the design. We spent two years on the meticulous design and development to create our patent-pending PollyDash.  

Our chair enables the DashSquad to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing comfort. You’ll get pampered and back to your life, feeling like the best version of you, confident and beautiful.  

Our grand opening is coming up soon, and we can’t wait for you to stop into DashBar to experience a Fast. Casual. Beauty.™ experience.   

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