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Why We’re Wearing Masks in Our Salon-Spa!

As we polish the final details of our Fast. Casual. Beauty. experience for the grand opening of DashBar Brickell, we have also been continuing to evaluate how we can raise the bar when it comes to the health of our DashBabes.

Your well-being is of the utmost importance to us, and here is our commitment to you.

We are going to wear masks.

At DashBar, our DashSquad will be wearing masks, gloves, and face shields when working with you. We feel that such precautions are more important now than ever before.

In fact, it was recently released that two hairstylists saw many clients while they were unknowingly infected with the Coronavirus.  Don’t worry, because the stylists were wearing masks, they did not pass the virus to any customers.

Your health matters to us, so we are going to wear masks to ensure that our DashBabes can fully unwind and be at ease while visiting us. BTW we’ll provide a mask to you if you forget your mask, so don’t worry!

An innovative and socially distanced floor plan.

Staggering chairs allowing social distance between the clientele at that same salon kept 140 clients from contracting and spreading illness.

When you come to see us, you will notice the floor plan of our innovative salon-spa includes a minimum of 6 feet of space for each DashBabe. The DashBar floor plan was designed to provide you both a modern VIP experience and elevate our hygienic practices.

Our dedication to raising the bar. 

It’s incredible that following a couple of additional safety precautions can yield such unbelievable results. On top of regular best-practice recommendations, we are also committed to the following:

  • Our DashSquad will wear a mask, gloves, and a face shield.
  • UV-C lights & HEPA filters have been installed in our HVAC system to eradicate harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Each night our salon-spa is fogged using specialized nano-particle sanitation disinfectant.
  • We use Aroma360’s innovative AirBioTech360 formula which reintroduces probiotics back into our HVAC system after fogging.
  • Every chair will be sanitized between each session.
  • Before and after a technician has worked on a client, they will wash their hands — in addition to regular best practice hand-washing recommendations.
  • Towels must be washed using a sanitization cycle.
  • High traffic surfaces such as counters, iPads, payment system, etc., are to be cleaned and sanitized regularly and will be logged and acknowledged by the manager.
  • We use a thermal infrared thermometer to test all employees and guests for elevated body temperature.

You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you are at DashBar. If you have a question about our hygienic practices, we are happy to answer! Check out our health and safety procedures by clicking here.

Fast. Casual. Beauty.

With the opening of DashBar right around the corner, we are beyond excited to have an opportunity to challenge the perception of how efficient a salon-spa can be, as well as raise the bar for safety and hygiene. We can’t wait to show you.